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A 2000s Chevrolet S10 Pickup Truck Named "Lil Red"

A Game Ready recreation of "Lil Red" - A Chevrolet S10 I used to drive around at an old summer camp I worked at.

This was an interesting project to make, as it was the first time I've made an entire vehicle, including the interior and underside - it started off with scan data and then was mostly modelled by hand after that. It was certainly a learning experience that made the Nissan Sunny a whole lot easier to produce - there are a lot of issues with it in my eyes, but I thought it was still worth showing to the world :)

3x2048 textures for exterior, wheels & undercarriage
1x1024 texture for windows
1x2048 for interior
62k Tris Total

Adam nield chevy05
Adam nield chevy07
Adam nield chevy01
Adam nield chevy03
Adam nield chevy09
Adam nield chevy06
Adam nield chevy08
Adam nield chevy02
Adam nield chevy04
Adam nield chevy10