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The Electric Nightcrawler - Gas Station

"We still aren't sure why these structures landed, or if they even had a reason.

Big thanks to Javier Benitez for providing the car model.

Bear Winter-Perreau for the character model

& guys on the Facepunch & Polycount Discord channels for constant crit.

The Electric Nightcrawler is a piece I've been making for the last month, the goals of the project were initially to make an atmospheric gas station, the project eventually took on a life of its own and I ended up merging with another long standing idea I've had.

Rendered entirely UE4.

Adam nield artstationpromo01
Adam nield artstationpromo01 slice03
Adam nield artstationpromo01 slice02
Adam nield artstationpromo01 slice
Adam nield progression

Progression gif