Last Year: The Nightmare - Library Environment
Adam nield library01
Adam nield library12
Adam nield library02
Adam nield library03
Adam nield library11
Adam nield library04
Adam nield library07
Adam nield library05
Adam nield library06
Adam nield library08
Adam nield library10
Adam nield library09

This is some environment work I did on the Library map for Elastic Game's Last Year: The Nightmare. I was responsible for taking the entire level from the block out stage to the stage you see in these images using the modular kits, assets and textures already present, as well as adding more content for use in various different ways. Multiple changes and adjustments were done after my part by various other artists. These changes are not displayed in these images.

The levels on Last Year are a collaborative effort. Credit to the various other artists and technicians who helped immensely and gave advice along the way goes to: James Wearing, Alexander Halchuk, Gabriel Bazinet, Justin Owens, Clinton Crumpler & Dekogon.