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Cubicle Farm Office Space

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A cubicle farm office space made for Switchboard Studios for the Unreal Marketplace. This pack wouldn't be possible without the outstanding work from these artists:

Bear Winter-Perreau
Alan Linssen
Brandon Lewis
Ryan Evans
Akshay Kumar
Francois Hurtubise
Joseph Oliver
Alex O'Neill
Gioele Minigher
Ian McDonnell
Lim Eric Harianto
Martin Truong
Ashish Sharma
Feroz Ahmed
Nikodem Chmiel
Shubham Kumar

Who were responsible for a large portion of the assets found in the pack, as well as being really great people to work with :)

I was responsible for various assets across the scene, including radios, cardboard boxes, cubicles etc - I was also responsible for lighting the scene with a lot of help from Francois Hurtubise who walked us through a physically based lighting setup for UE4. I also designed and created the scene demonstrated here, as well as helped manage critique of assets throughout their creation process and integration of them into engine (LoDs, Collision, Lightmaps, Material Management & Creation etc)

All assets are created to first person spec, and have a texel ratio of 10.24ppm across the board.