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Feudal Japan - The Shogunate Mortar, Boleadoras & Opium Pipe

Matchlock Hand Mortar:
This matchlock mortar originally started as a concept by Jens Fiedler before very quickly taking on a life of it's own. Made from bronze, jade, wood & Iron with a silver trim I tried to incorporate aspects of the Japanese Mythological creature "Namazu the Earthshatterer" when designing this and I think it was executed in a way that still maintains function of the original match-lock mortars from that period.

Boleadoras/Fundo Kusari:
These traditional throwing weapons were inspired by the South American Boleadoras. Using them as a base I added more traditional Japanese engravings into the design and used a chain instead of a leather strap.

Japanese Opium Pipe:
Not entirely sure on its use, but I always thought that you would fake smoke with it then kill your enemy while he's doped up on Opium. Who's to say, don't do drugs kids.

Initial inspiration for the Hand Mortar stemmed from this: